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Travel Risk Management

In a world where the level of corporate travel is growing faster than ever before and the risk landscape for travellers continues to change, having a robust Travel Risk Management programme in place is key in order to provide a duty of care to your employees, to support global mobility and to maintain organisational resilience.

While it’s important not to disregard genuine dangers, they must not be inflated either. We help you to understand and assess global risk so that you can make travel-related business decisions from a position of knowledge, with a pragmatic view of the environment you are considering. We use our technology and intelligence sources to help you balance the need for global mobility against these increasing global risks, within the constraints of your security budgets.

Whilst each travel management programme will differ depending on the organisation, a robust programme should consider all the elements and risks associated with travel and look to include all stages of travel; pre-trip, active trip and post trip.

Some of the things to consider include:


  • Provide guidance to travellers through internal policies and procedures so they are aware of what they need to do prior to taking a trip
  • Making sure your employees are ‘fit’ to travel and have received the right vaccinations and medical health checks
  • Making sure the organisation and the travellers are aware of the risks for each particular destination
  • Appropriate training and education of travellers


  • Ability to monitor the whereabouts of your travellers
  • Where appropriate, providing in-country travel management support to travellers
  • Keeping travellers informed throughout their trip
  • Ability to communicate with travellers directly in case of an incident or crisis
  • Provide travellers with a method to contact someone if they need assistance (whether through a telephone call or SOS trigger)
  • Being able to respond and manage an incident (both at the micro and macro level)
  • Ensuring your internal crisis management team(s) are trained in what to do in the event of a crisis


  • Post incident support, such as psychological support
  • Medical advice for illness possibly related to travel
  • Post incident and case management

As experts in providing travel management programmes we are able to deliver a solution that is appropriate for your organisation. We do not provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution and will work with you to create a programme that works for you.

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