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Organisational resilience and continuity

The pace at which the world is changing is extremely rapid. Organisations that can’t evolve quickly enough stand to get left behind. Truly resilient organisations constantly scan the horizon for changes in the markets they want to operate in and can pre-empt, withstand and ultimately profit from the challenges that rapid changes present.

Organisations must continually demonstrate a comprehensive and robust approach to business resilience, at a time when stakeholders expect organisations to live up to their corporate responsibilities, assets are constantly changing, social media presents new threats and opportunities and the regulatory environment is always tightening.

Having a robust approach to organisational resilience and continuity means being able to anticipate and prepare for any disruptions to business or operations. This includes preparing for planned change – expansion, acquisition, new market areas; seizing opportunities, and being able to react and adapt to situations whilst maintaining business operations and growth. In particular, being able to;

  • Anticipate and mitigate risks
  • Plan and prepare for crisis
  • React and respond effectively to incidents
  • Maintain business as usual in extremely challenging situations

Drum Cussac’s GlobalRiskManager aims to give a comprehensive solution for all risk, security and crisis management aspects of business resilience.