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Cyber attack response

We are entering an era where most organisations will be a target for cyber attacks. Withstanding these attacks requires a holistic approach to cyber security, involving physical security as much as IT security.

Opportunistic attacks against organisations by cyber criminals result in the theft of valuable sensitive information, while industrial competitors or foreign intelligence services target organisations to gain economic advantage through corporate espionage.

The effects of such an event can be felt across an organisation, from damaging your IT infrastructure and loss of stakeholder confidence, to tying up resources and management time, and if not dealt with quickly and effectively, could lead to severe financial and legal penalties.

Often, cyber weakness lies in the physical. As part of wider organisational resilience it is now considered the norm to have a robust and well thought out capability to respond fast to emerging cyber threats. This means developing credible measures to build resilience and support business continuity, improve customer confidence and dramatically reduce the impact of cyber-attacks. Specifically, this would include criticality assessments to assess how prepared your people, processes and technology are to withstand an attack, and having a robust security incident response capability.

GlobalRiskManager™, when integrated with your cyber IT security systems, provides a comprehensive solution for mitigating the effects of cyber attacks.

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