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Why you need us

Travel Risk Management and Duty of Care

Duty of Care refers to the moral and legal obligations of organisations to their personnel (employees, contractors, volunteers or others for whom they have a responsibility) in maintaining their well-being, security and safety when working, posted on international assignments or operating in remote areas of their home country.

Helping you to comply with Duty of Care

Duty of Care means doing the right thing and being seen to do the right thing. It means being able to account for all of your people at any one time, in particular your travellers and expatriate personnel. It means being able to communicate with those people through multiple channels if they are potentially at risk. And it means taking the right measures to keep your people safe, your assets secure and your organisation resilient.

Risk can never be eliminated 100%. However, by taking appropriate measures based on an accurate calculation of risk, you can safeguard your people and fulfil your Duty of care requirements. Our risk management solutions can help.

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Protecting valued people and assets

Providing a truly holistic approach to Travel Risk Management, we work closely with your organisation to help protect your people and assets. We equip your risk managers with current information to understand the risks, locate your people, communicate with them, ensure they are safe and, if necessary, remove them from danger.

Our worldview – minimising the risk attached to global opportunity

More is being asked of those responsible for protecting travelling populations and assets and people spread all over the world. At the same time, limited budgets are being stretched to cover a wider area of operation.

While it’s important not to disregard genuine dangers, they must not be inflated either. We help you to understand and assess global risk so that you can make business decisions from a position of knowledge, with a pragmatic view of the environment you are considering. And we use our technology and intelligence sources to help you manage these increasing global risks within the constraints of your security budgets.

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