Attacks in Brussels: The implications and outlook

On the morning of Tuesday 22 March, there were two coordinated terrorist attacks in Brussels. Two explosions took place almost simultaneously at about 0800hrs (0700 UTC) in the departure hall of Brussels Airport. The blasts were reportedly caused by two suicide bombers who detonated explosives concealed in their luggage close to check-in counters. A third explosive device and an AK-47 assault rifle were later found in the airport.

A second attack took place at 0911hrs (0811 UTC) in the Maelbeek subway station. An explosion hit a subway wagon in the busy station, close to the headquarters of the European Commission. The two attacks in Brussels have caused at least 34 fatalities and 250 injuries in the worst terrorist attack in Belgium’s recent history.

This special report from Drum Cussac looks at the current situation and considers the future implications for Brussels, Belgium and the neighbouring regions. It also provides more immediate insight into travel risk implications and provides some key mitigation advice for travellers.

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