One central platform to manage the risks and threats to your people.

Drawing upon HR systems as well as travel data, PeopleMonitor allows you to track and monitor the location of all your people in real-time, including domestic employees, travellers, (international and domestic), VIPs, management teams, overseas expatriates and assignees and contractors.

Keeping a watch over your most valuable assets – your people

Rather than having to rely on separate platforms to view your travellers and domestic employees, PeopleMonitor supports you in fulfilling your Duty of Care responsibilities by combining a range of data sources to provide you with a consolidated view of all of your people globally, allowing you to communicate directly to individuals or groups during an incident or crisis.


Travel Protect

Map your people and premises

Situational awareness

PeopleMonitor provides a single, interactive and configurable map view that allows you to quickly and easily cross reference the impact zone of global security incidents with locations of your people on one screen, building a visual representation of your current risk exposure and the potential impact to your people.

Help your travellers to prepare

Informing your people

Before departing on a trip, travellers will be provided with pre-travel advice and information to keep them updated with the current situation in the countries and locations they are travelling to. Throughout their journey and in-country stay, travellers will then receive updates should the threat level change, along with automated alerts to any risks that may disrupt their travel plans or affect their personal safety.

Monitoring the journey

Accounting for your people

By blending live travel itineraries, check in notifications and live tracking, PeopleMonitor will provide you with the best possible live view of where your people are, making it possible to quickly and easily identify who is at risk and react to incidents and threats.

Keep your people connected

With PeopleMonitor, all your registered people have the ability to download our smartphone app, uniquely designed to consume no more than 3%-5% extra battery life even with continuous live tracking. More than just a traveller tracking app, the app provides your people with invaluable country intelligence, live risk alerts and the reassurance of knowing that they can be located and communicated with quickly and efficiently in case of emergency.

The app enables the registered user to:

  • Begin tracking their location via a simple activation button
  • Manually confirm their location via the 'Check In' function
  • Access country specific overviews and general country advice
  • Access local emergency contact numbers and dial directly
  • Speed-dial our 24/7 Global Operations Centre or an alternative designated contact number
  • Activate an SOS alert in case of emergency

Please refer to our App datasheet for full details  

Keep your people connected

Communicate one-to-one or one-to-many

Two-way communications, one-to-one or one-to-many

In-built two-way communications allowing you and us to engage directly with your people wherever they may be and to manage and track incidents as they happen through the platform and the App. Messages can be sent out efficiently to individuals, small targeted groups or large mass groups wherever they are based followed by genuine two-way communications.

Outsourcing option

We appreciate that it's not always possible for in-house teams to monitor your people 24/7 which is why we created our OverWatch module. OverWatch provides 24/7 proactive monitoring of your people and assets on your behalf, taking away the burden of you having to identify and respond to incidents potentially affecting your organisation.