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Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation

A fully indemnified comprehensive evacuation service for political emergencies and natural disasters.

Businesses are now sending their employees further afield as they endeavour to develop international markets and seek to reduce costs. Individuals who are based overseas or travel to higher risk locations face political uncertainty and their employers must be ready to evacuate them immediately should the need arise.


Our service has the most comprehensive coverage in the market and is available for all international travellers, expats and their dependants, should they find themselves in a situation where their security is at risk following a political or military incident, or a natural disaster. Drum Cussac will arrange and facilitate their evacuation to a place of safety, or to their home country, as well as the associated accommodation and subsistence costs.

Our service includes specialist security risk management consultants who both:

  • Identify, analyse and evaluate security incidents and trends, to enable your business and your employees to take immediate and appropriate action when required
  • Provide a physical response to assist in the evacuation of employees and their families, providing duty of care at all times