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Proactive 24/7 monitoring and security risk management of a client’s people and assets, on their behalf, for those who want to outsource this burden. In essence, your very own cost-effective security managers operating as an extension to your in-house capabilities.


Adding in the OverWatch module gives you the full ‘wrap-around’, end-to-end managed service and the ultimate peace of mind that someone is watching over and protecting your people and assets at all times, even when you are not available.

We manage the need to monitor and respond to incidents potentially affecting your organisation 24/7. We keep abreast of everything going on in the world, and then we proactively check on your people and assets in the event of an incident and deal with the outcomes in accordance with your bespoke operating procedures.

You set the level at which we make contact, to ensure that you can get involved with, or start to deal with, a potential incident (this can include how we tie in with insurers). This means we act as a true extension of your security function.

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