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Security assistance and advice via our 24/7 Global Operations Centre.

GlobalSOS offers peace of mind for you and your travelling staff through access to a 24/7 Global Operations Centre. Staffed by security professionals adept at dealing with all types of emergency call, from general travel advice to emergency security evacuations, and closely linked to our technological solutions, you can be sure that relevant, credible and actionable advice is only a phone call away.


With GlobalSOS your people have access at all times, through a wide variety of media, to assistance for any issue. We can offer pre-travel advice, guidance on what to do if something does go wrong, as well as the calming voice with useful and relevant advice in the event of an emergency.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for clients. We know of no one who works harder to keep their clients safe. Our committed team always treat your risks as if they are our own, and respond as if it’s our own lives on the line when a crisis strikes.

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