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A comprehensive and easy to use asset risk management system that allows 24/7 security monitoring and incident
response for all your assets.


One central platform to manage the risks and threats to your assets

: AssetMonitor allows you to monitor your assets and identify and respond to any incidents that may pose a threat to an asset. With in-built two way communications, our system allows you to trigger incident management and crisis response protocols from one centralised platform and keep updated as the situation unfolds.

security monitoring
security monitoring

Keeping a watch over your most valuable assets

AssetMonitor provides you with a single platform that allows you to view all your global assets and respond to incidents or events potentially impacting those assets. Utilising smart technologies, our dedicated team of operatives continually monitor the globe for instances that may adversely impact your assets, providing you with intelligence and analysis on current and future threats for 200 countries and 500 sub-national areas.


Asset Profiles

Creating a comprehensive profile for each asset means that, in time of crisis, you have one central platform to access crucial information and documentation.

Asset profiles can include:

  • Full asset address
  • Important store for asset specific information, such as employee number and insurance details
  • Document library to house asset specific documentation, such as crisis management plans
  • Creation of Crisis Management Team for each asset
  • Asset grouping by type, area or region
security monitoring
security monitoring

Incident response and crisis management

Our in-built two-way communications allow you to issue communications directly to your crisis management team(s), in order to trigger incident and crisis management protocols.

Members of the crisis response team are able to keep each other updated on the incident and any actions/changes, directly within the tool, providing a central platform to identify, react and respond to an incident or crisis.

All completed cases will automatically be archived to provide a historic library and audit trail of events.


Outsourcing option

We realise that it is not always possible to monitor your assets 24/7, which is why we have developed our OverWatch service. Acting as your outsource security provision, OverWatch will provide you with the peace of mind that your physical assets are being monitored 24/7/365.