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Custom Intelligence Research

When a more customised type of intelligence deliverable is required, our security and political risk intelligence capability can provide a wide range of services 24/7 via in-house professional intelligence operators and analysts, cutting edge technology and a comprehensive global source network.

Our custom intelligence capability can support clients in the following areas –

Travel Risk Assessments

Providing bespoke risk analysis and assessment of threats posed to specific high risk or special interest travel itineraries.

Profiling the activities and vulnerabilities of your mobile delegation and looking at in-country arrival, airport transfer, accommodation, offices/worksites/facilities and transport routes, we provide granular level insights into travel risk exposure and highly specific recommendations to protect your people.

Security Risk Assessments

Providing in-depth risk analysis and assessment of threat, hazard and risk variables posed to your long-term operations and specific projects.

Combining the expertise of our regional intelligence analysts, security risk advisers and local source networks, we assess the full range of security, environmental and infrastructural considerations, to develop in-depth risk mitigation plans.

Political Risk Assessments

Providing an in-depth feasibility assessment of establishing and sustaining successful operations in complex investment situations.

We identify the commercial and socio-political context, assess the risk environment and stakeholder landscape, and forecast future scenarios in order to develop mitigation, contingency and stakeholder engagement strategies. We cover the relevant range of stakeholder group interests for any specific project including government, opposition, business elite, civil society, military, legislative, judicial, regulatory and NGO, as well as any personal or factional characteristics within each that may help or hinder the success of important investment opportunities.

Strategic Risk Assessments

Providing a comprehensive pre-decision risk analysis of strategic risk factors affecting a new venture or market entry opportunity.

We cover the full range of political, compliance, integrity, reputational, societal and security risk considerations plus regional risk variances within a country. We can also include workforce mobility, financial/economic and legal risk angles within a tailored scope of work. This service enables you to make an objective and holistic enterprise risk assessment across a full range of risk factors, benchmark these against your risk tolerance thresholds and prioritise the risk management plan at the strategic level.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Providing targeted research, investigation and source enquiries into specific individuals, entities or counter-parties in new or existing commercial relationships.

We focus on potential compliance risk exposures by looking at political exposure, corruption concerns, adverse media publicity, beneficial ownership, sanctions, supply chain risks and any other such relevant concerns. These services are a critical tool in protecting you against national and international regulatory regimes.

Embedded Analyst Services

Offering dedicated analyst services on a fully scalable basis to provide you with your own in-house intelligence and analysis function.

More than ever organisations are realising the importance of an intelligence analysis capability dedicated to their unique priorities and concerns. We can provide analyst services to fit your organisation’s exact needs and cost considerations, from as little as one analyst day per month through to a fully-embedded 24/7/365 analyst team.

Custom Research Services

Providing research and investigations into any issue of special interest to your organisation.

Our highly experienced risk intelligence team, all of whom hold postgraduate degrees and over 5 years professional experience, has access to a global network of sources and resources to address discreet, complex or simply very niche requirements on your behalf.

Contact us today to find out more about any of the services listed or to discuss your own more specific requirements.