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GlobalRiskManager™ Overview

A comprehensive solution for organisational resilience and global risk management that can cover not just travelers, but all of your people, assets, and facilities, wherever they are in the world.

GlobalRiskManager™ knits everything together in one place. Alerts, intelligence, people monitoring, asset monitoring, two way communications, training, response and crisis management – all in one platform for a complete holistic solution. At its very fullest, GlobalRiskManager™ is your own outsourced high-tech, modern Global Security Operations Centre.

GlobalRiskManager™ tracks and assesses global risk events in real time, cross referencing these against the locations of all your people and assets in order to identify who or what may be at risk. It then provides ongoing two-way communications and proactive expert support, direct to those at the point of need, including evacuations and other support on the ground.


Flexible and futureproofed

We also recognise that every organisation is different. GlobalRiskManager™ is modular, with the ability to select what you need from eight distinct modules, enabling you to customise a global risk solution to complement your existing in-house capabilities. Even for a client that today just wants a straightforward travel risk management solution, it makes sense to choose a solution that is futureproof, allowing you easily to extend your coverage to other people and assets and other functionalities and capabilities as your needs grow. We have the only solution in the travel risk management market that can take you on that journey, and which has been built from day one with that end in mind.

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