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Peace of mind in unpredictable times


CloseCircle is our consumer-facing product and uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the wellbeing of you and your family wherever you are.


Your personal virtual bodyguard

When you and your loved ones are separated during everyday life or while travelling abroad, CloseCircle’s full range of personal safety features will put your mind at rest.

CloseCircle is an end-to-end personal protection service that tracks every member, and provides real-time advice and support from security experts in the event of danger no matter where they are.

Think of CloseCircle as the personal, virtual bodyguard in your pocket.


VIP protection – anytime, anywhere

CloseCircle is accessed via an app, online portal or directly over the phone, and the full range of safety features are included in one single yearly membership payment. Membership gives you and your family a year’s unlimited access to VIP-level protection, anywhere in the world.


Benefits of CloseCircle membership

Members receive instant access to our team of security experts providing a full range of security services for an all-inclusive membership fee, with no hidden costs.

Features include:

Instant security alerts & advice: Receive in-app alerts on potential hazards nearby, with expert advice on how to stay safe.

Expert location tracking: 24/7 tracking and monitoring of every member by experienced security professionals.

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In-app SOS panic button: Send an SOS in a single tap to receive immediate assistance, wherever you are.

Unlimited travel advice: Access the most up-to-date global travel advice from our intelligence experts.

Family location check: Family members can track your last known location and message you directly via the online portal.

No hidden costs: Membership includes the full end-to-end protection service from tracking to crisis response, at no extra cost.

Free evacuation: Safe evacuation away from situations that have put you in real physical danger, at no extra cost and with no claim forms to complete.

24/7 protection: Rapid crisis response by experienced ex-military professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, wherever you are in the world.

Specialist incident support: Expert security advice and support for discrete incidents such as response to kidnap, wrongful detention, extortion and missing persons.

Protect your family in three easy steps by signing up on the CloseCircle website.