VIP visit in Trinidad and Tobago

Our client in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was tasked with providing VIP event security for a privately held event, to be hosted by a high-profile, former US political leader in the capital, Port of Spain.

vip event security

With local security personnel unable to cope with such a high-risk, complex operation, the client enlisted Drum Cussac to provide and control security at all levels throughout the event – law enforcement agencies, national security, protocol officers, local security providers and event organisers.

Our team devised and executed a comprehensive VIP event security plan, ensuring maximum protection throughout the VIP’s visit.

Our security plan included:

  • Country risk assessment
  • Emergency contacts
  • Tracking-enabled smartphone
  • Journey Management team supported by appropriate logistics, arms and SUVs

Drum Cussac managed a team of 50 security personnel during the event, utilising private providers for internal control; grounds security and parking; and off-duty policemen for traffic control.

After the event we provided Journey Management back to the hotel with security guarding overnight. The following morning the VIP was escorted back to the airport for departure.


Drum Cussac succeeded in providing a professional and discreet service for this extremely high-profile VIP. Our client subsequently requested similar services for a follow up event.


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