Travel tracking at Colombia bike challenge

colombia bike challenge


When the organisers of the Enduro Colombia Bike Challenge decided to invite 100 bikers from all over the world to tackle the Colombian Andes, they called on Drum Cussac to maintain a watchful eye. Drum Cussac’s state-of-the-art travel tracking system was more than up to the task.

In the UK based Global Operations Centre, 5000 miles away, Drum Cussac’s team of specialists tracked the bikers’ every move using satellite transmitters on the team leaders’ bikes, which sent a locator signal back to the event headquarters in Colombia, as well as to Drum Cussac’s monitoring team.

Drum Cussac also established a geofence around the event area to set off an emergency signal and alert the organisers whenever any team went off route.

The high-adrenaline event was a huge success with all riders accounted for from beginning to end.


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