Free white paper: Security + travel risk analysis for the 2018 FIFA Russia World Cup

Drum Cussac has today released a new white paper analysing the security threats faced by travellers heading to June’s FIFA World Cup in Russia.

By reading this white paper, you will be able to:

  • Make more informed decisions with in-depth analysis of the current security situation in Russia
  • Minimise risk and protect your people by educating them of the key risks.
  • Keep employees safe this summer with practical safety tips for travellers
  • Maintain business continuity in an increasingly complex geography
  • Fulfil your Duty of Care obligations with help from our expert team

Russia world cup travel risk management

Rising tensions between Russia and the West, especially in light of recent events, accusations and sanctions, means that attending the 2018 FIFA World Cup is not without risk.

This in-depth, 20-page white paper offers expert insights into the current security risks present in Russia. Drum’s global intelligence team highlight the key issues that may impact the personal safety of travellers, as well as the Duty of Care obligations for businesses with personnel heading to the World Cup.

Minimising risks to travellers

Educating employees on the risks they face when travelling has never been more important, especially as six in ten Business Travel Managers believe risks to travellers have increased in the last year.

Drum Cussac are experts at travel risk management so to help minimise risk for travellers and maintain business continuity at this year’s World Cup, our white paper offers a critical analysis of on-the-ground risks across five categories:

  • Political
  • Infrastructural
  • Medical
  • Environmental
  • Personal security

We also further examine the key risks travellers are likely to face.

Our granular insights will help businesses and individuals prepare for nearly any and all situations that may arise come June.

Travel risk management

Staying informed is only half the battle. It’s also important help employees buy in to travel risk management best-practices in order to protect themselves when travelling to the World Cup.

To help businesses better prepare their travellers, our expert team have also provided easy-to-follow and practical safety tips. These range from match day advice to useful everyday tips, as well as business actions back home, and are based on our years of intelligence and security operations.

Your free white paper

If your business is sending people to Russia for the 2018 World Cup then it is essential for you to work proactively in order to mitigate potential risks and ensure their safety and security.

Protect your people at the world cup today and download your white paper below.