What does LOW RISK mean these days?


“What does LOW RISK mean these days?”

I’ve heard this exasperated phrase several times and from numerous clients over the last few months. Having worked around the globe, it is the classic response I’m used to hearing in the aftermath of terrorist events and other incidents that may be entirely expected, but are impossible to predict with accuracy.

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Do the recent terror attacks in Europe and the unsuccessful coup d’état in Turkey change the status quo and mean that all our carefully formulated risk ratings are now wrong? Should the swathe of green (LOW) country ratings which predominate across risk maps of Europe be altered to yellow (MEDIUM) or orange (HIGH)?

If the risk ratings are still valid and remain unchanged, then should corporate decision makers and those tasked with managing travel risk take particular note of the recent events? Absolutely!

In the aftermath of any serious incident, there will be elements of a travelling population that need reassurance and to be given the confidence that there are systems in place to support their travel and ensure their safety. I would suggest that now is the time to review your travel risk management approach. Those responsible for the safety and security of their travelling or remote employees should at least ask the following questions:

  • Are you able to determine the travel risk level in light of your travellers’ profiles?
  • Do you have the means to properly brief and prepare your travellers?
  • Can you monitor itineraries and track your travellers’ movements in jurisdictions outside of their home countries?
  • Do you have a sufficiently robust crisis response capability in place to assist and recover your travellers in the event of an incident?

It may be that you feel more emphasis needs to be placed on educating your travellers, or that you have a concern over your organisation’s ability to discern the real risks facing its travelling population. Whatever your concern, Drum Cussac can help you to navigate these issues.



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About Dom Chester

As Solutions Director for Drum Cussac Group, Dom works closely with clients to understand their risk exposure and to design appropriate solutions to ensure those risks are addressed and mitigated. Having worked in the security risk management industry for over 12 years, Dom has particular expertise in strategic crisis management, incident response and business continuity. Dom has held a number of senior positions including Regional Security Advisor for a large risk management company and has led the global crisis management practice on behalf of a well-recognised risk consultancy. He has first-hand experience in responding to large scale natural disasters, country evacuations, unlawful detention and missing persons cases. His career has included two stints in South East Asia, as well as having worked extensively across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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