Duty of Care: The responsibilities of senior managers


responsibilities of senior managersThe term ‘Duty of Care’ sums up a whole raft of obligations around looking after the health, safety and security of employees and contractors.

Over the years, the UK legislation relating to Duty of Care has evolved. The 2007 UK Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act was a watershed. Suddenly, Duty of Care was no longer exclusively a corporate matter: Duty of Care became the responsibilities of senior managers, rather than solely on an impersonal ‘organisation’.

Today, if senior personnel are considered to have shirked their Duty of Care responsibilities or cannot prove they have taken reasonable precautions, criminal charges may result, with the prospect of swingeing fines or even a custodial sentence.

Risk magnets

While Duty of Care obligations and liability apply in the home country, the risks are naturally intensified by international travel and overseas operations. Yet today’s global markets increase the frequency with which executives travel and call for more expatriate teams on the ground.

You don’t have to be parachuting staff into one of the world’s hot spots for Duty of Care to be an issue. Everyday situations that pose a potential risk include:

  • Using local taxis rather than a retained driver
  • Allowing staff to drive ‘off piste’, away from centres of population
  • Unfamiliarity with local health risks and medical facilities
  • Cross-cultural misunderstandings due to travellers’ unawareness of social norms
  • Simply being a solo female traveller in some conservative countries

We’ve prepared a Drum Cussac whitepaper to help senior managers to understand their responsibilities in managing and mitigating travel risk. It introduces some key points to consider in formulating your Duty of Care strategy and policies relating to travelling and expatriate employees.

The paper looks at critical aspects such as ensuring that Duty of Care has business-wide buy-in, creating a framework for decision-making, and reconciling a serious approach to Duty of Care with enabling enterprise and innovation.

Whether responding to a major crisis event or simply planning a routine overseas trip, make sure you have the programmes in place to help keep your people safe. Take a look at the latest whitepaper to find out more about managing and mitigating travel risk.

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