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About us

For over 15 years, Drum Cussac has managed the safety of hundreds of corporations, universities and government bodies.

Our DNA fuses smart technology thinking with practical security know-how. So our cleverest ideas stem from our software developers and security experts working hand in glove.

This has culminated in GlobalRiskManager, our holistic security solution which knits everything together in one place for complete security risk management. Alerts, intelligence, people monitoring, asset monitoring, two way communications, pre-travel training, response and crisis management all delivered using a single integrated technology platform by our multi-skilled in-house team of professionals.

GlobalRiskManager enables us to protect over 11 million lives, track and monitor hundreds of thousands of travellers, send out 15,000 incident alerts per year, manage hundreds of evacuations and much more.

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Our mission

Our mission is to support organisational resilience and global mobility by looking after your people, assets and operations globally.

We deal with situations that may threaten the resilience and security of your organisation.

We track and assess global security events in real-time, cross reference these with the locations of all your people and assets wherever they may be in order to identify who or what may be at risk, and provide two-way communications and proactive and reactive expert support direct to those at the point of need to contain and mitigate the risks.

Our goal is for our client and us to be the first to see and understand the big picture quickly, and to make fast and effective decisions to manage situations in the best way possible.

Our people and approach

We recognise that every client is different and have designed GlobalRiskManager™ to be modular and configurable so we can tailor a security solution to suit your needs and complement your in-house capabilities, even just for a straightforward travel risk solution or response capability.

Yet at its fullest, GlobalRiskManager™ is your own outsourced high-tech, modern Global Security Operations Centre. We become an extension to your team, proactively monitoring your people and assets and supporting organisational resilience on your behalf using all our capabilities.

And we have all necessary capabilities to do this in-house; intelligence analysts, security professionals, technologists and account managers all under one roof;

  • Our Security Professionals bring hands-on experience from the military, intelligence services and the police, knowing what must be done to secure the safety of your people, even in extremity.
  • Our Intelligence Analysts have a myriad of dispersed information sources at their fingertips and are skilled at identifying and analysing risk of all levels. Their in-depth risk advisory reports provide you and your people with the latest information and breaking news, from public health concerns to the spread of insurgency.
  • Our Technologists use their IT know-how to develop the tools and technologies on which our clients (and we) depend. They constantly monitor the changing technology landscape for advances that can be incorporated into our solutions to further improve security and communications.
  • Our Account Managers are experienced consultants who will act as your trusted advisor on the services that will best protect your organisation, and will be your main point of contact with Drum Cussac.
security solution